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   Q: Can the Piano Be moved safely on wooden and tiled floors?

A: Yes, special rubber piano wheels are used to cross all types of floors.

Q: Are steps a problem when moving?

A: Four steps, up or down, can be overcome by use of ramps. Over four steps requires extra manpower.

Q: How do you get a piano upstairs?

A: Most pianos can be taken up or down the stairs. In some cases, it's possible to use a crane, Straight stairs are easier than stairs with turns/curves, stair Width and ceiling height are also very important.

Q: Can you lighten the piano?

A: Yes, it is possible to remove the top and bottom doors. Remove the action and also the fall with ease. However, the weight reduction is minimal.

Q: Do you take the legs off of a grand piano?

A: Yes. The piano is first covered with a tailored protective transport cover.A special transport shoe is then fitted to the side. It is not necessary to remove the lid or music desk. Once prepared, the legs and lyre are removed, safely placed in special transport bags and then the piano is moved on its side.

Q: When is the piano tuned?

A: Normally they are left for up-to two weeks to settle and adjust to temperature change.

       Q: What does “straight strung” and “overstrung” mean?

A: A straight strung piano is easily identified, open the top lid and see if the strings go straight from top to bottom, this is 'straight strung'. If they cross like a harp, then the piano is an overstrung. Normally overstrung pianos are mostly better instruments.

Q: Are the pianos insured?

A: Yes. From threshold to threshold, on ground floor moves, whilst in our care and control, difficult access like stairs may need extra cover.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No, The quote you get is the total you pay.

Q: Do you store pianos?

A: Yes storage (temperature controlled) can be arranged.

Q: Can a grand piano be left on its side for long periods of time?

A: Yes, it can, though it is advisable to remove or lock the action first if it's to be stored for a long period.

Q: Can you dispose of pianos?

A: We can move the piano outside of the property and prepare it for collection. The local council will then collect for a fee as Bulky household waste.

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